Filament Recycling

We recycle PLA Filament at a 3:1 Ratio.

You send us 3kg of used PLA filament (scraps, failed prints, supports, etc) and we will send you a 1kg spool of usable PLA in return. 

Please e-mail us at with a tracking number so that we know to expect your shipment.


Q: Where do I send it?
A: PO BOX 403, Cavalier, ND 58220 if using USPS. 306 Main St W, 403, Cavalier, ND 58220 if using UPS or FedEx.

Q: What plastic do you recycle?
A: At this time, we only recycle PLA. If you have any specialty PLA (wood, marble, metal infused, etc) please bag it separately and label it.

Q: Do you take spools?
A: We do as a donation. They are not counted in the weight of the plastic you sent nor can they be exchanged for plastic.

Q: What is your turn around time?
A: We are currently using a homemade set up and are in the process of getting a KickStarter together to purchase industrial equipment to speed up the process. Currently, our TAT varies based on how much is sent in as we mass recycle. We try to process as quickly as possibly but currently we are about 2 months out.

Q: Who pays for shipping?
A: You pay for shipping to us, we pay for shipping to you.

Q: Can you re-recycle what has already been recycled?
A: We are currently testing that, at this time we ask that you hold the recycle you receive back until we have done more testing.

Q: What about PLA+, Wood, Carbon Fiber, Marble, Glitter, and Metal Infused?
A: PLA+ is fine to send as is as well as Glitter. Marble, Carbon Fiber, Wood and Metal Infused need to be separated and labeled accordingly as we are still testing those out- we currently do not have enough to make a full roll of any of the specialties.

Q: Do I have to break it down prior to shipping?
A: No, you can send it however you would like but please do not melt all of it down into pucks or chunks.

Q: What about resin?
A: We have not attempted doing anything with resin.

Q: What about PET-G, ABS, ASA, etc?
A: We are only doing PLA and PLA+ so please do not send anything else at this time.

Q: What is the cost?
A: You only pay for shipping to us. 

Q: What if I don't have 3kg to send?
A: Either keep saving up or we will take whatever you have to send as a donation, you will not get anything in return. 

For media inquiries please email and put "MEDIA INQUIRY" in your subject line. For recycling questions not answered here, please contact

Link to KickStarter- It starts August 25